NEW BOOK PROJECT: Heroes of our Faith

Intimate Discussions with Church Leaders in Northern Nigeria

1.0: Introduction:
The Church in Northern Nigeria has gone through series of repressions, persecutions and outright killing of whomever openly identify with it. Churches are seen as anathema; the Bible, an abomination and gatherings in Jesus name, a straight visa to the world beyond.

From the Maitatsine uprising between 1980-1985 to the killing of Gideon Akaluka in Kano, the Zango Kataf riots, Boko Haram insurgency to the current herdsmen killings around Nigeria, the persecution of Christians in Northern Nigeria has increased and become more violent. However, rather than be cowed to recant the faith, many Christians have stayed resolute. They remain heroes of the Christian faith.

2.0: Heroes of our Faith:
Intimate Discussions with Christians Leaders in Northern Nigeria

It is painful that the sorrows of Christians in northern Nigeria largely remain unknown in many parts of the world. Sadder it is that even in Southern Nigeria, information is rickety.

It is from this background that E-life, an international Christian magazine considers it pertinent to chronicle in a book form and on the internet, the heavy billows and poignant buffetings facing our faith in Northern Nigeria via intimate discussions with men and women identified as our heroes.

The discussion will focus on the experiences of the Church in Northern Nigeria, the pains encountered and endured by Christians, their loses and joys, their perception of political leaders’ dispositions to the faith, encouragement for the younger generation, exhortations to Nigerians concerning the end-time and message to the world for better understanding and assistance for people who have been displaced and rendered homeless.

3.0: We Invite You:
You have been selected as one of the people to be mentioned in the book. Please be informed that your selection will cost you nothing other than a request for an interview. We shall furnish you with a Questionnaire as soon as we elicit your interest in this.

We, however, invite you to partner with us in producing this 200-page book and the website, All this will assist us to do the job in record time. The book is billed to hit the street in the first week of September 2021. Work is already in progress. Kindly find attached a list of personalities to be featured in the book.

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