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Michael Ray Smith is a professor of communication and author; most of his work concerns journalism, Christianity and media. The author of eight books, Smith loves to read. He works with writers to promote a publishing legacy. He writes for magazines such as “Inspired” and news sites such as Religion Unplugged. His poetry appeared in Decision magazine. Like many journalists, he is working on a novel and short stories. His reporting has won awards including first place for freelance writing from the Evangelical Press Association. He lives near the American Civil War town of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania and he has taught in Lithuania, Kenya, the Philippines and universities in the United States. When he isn’t reading a book, he likes to play tennis. He says that a good book is a frigate that can transport the reader beyond the border of his or her home.

Find it tiring to plough through an entire book? Too boring? This presentation will explore ways to read to increase your understanding. The program will provide ideas on ways you can make difficult reading more accessible and ways to enhance the fun reading that is supposed to be entertaining. To quote Harry S. Truman–“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Life offers no more inexpensive escape than a good book. After the presentation, you can ask others: “Read any good books lately?”

‘Bola Adewara, editor of e-life magazine is the Principal Consultant of Livingprojects Ltd, a Nigerian ICT firm and pro gospel media outfit. A widely travelled journalist, infopreneur and webmaster, he also lectures at EPIC Seminary University, Lagos Nigeria from where he obtained a PhD in the year 2020.
He is the author of
* Become an Internet Evangelist,
* RELATIONSHIPS: healing the broken hearts,
* Discover the Secrets of Mentoring,
* Marriage: 40 things to know,
* Message to the Ignorant Church,
* Diary of an Angry Christian,
* So you call yourself a Christian and
* Conversation on Faith in times like this.
As a propagator of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, he founded e-life magazine, in 2005 which was the first internet-based gospel magazine in the whole of Africa. The magazine expanded to hardcopy in 2017. He is the convener of The Lagos Christian Entrepreneur Meetup Group, consisting of about 4000 members and Lagos Web Design Meetup Group consisting of about 2000 members. He also founded two groups, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER GROUP and SWEET MUSIC ( Groups on Whatsapp. Adewara is a well-followed writer on Facebook which he regards as a mission field.
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INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF READING: Why you should read every day
One of the reasons behind the creation of Knowledge is Power Group on social media is to stimulate reading habits. In this part of the world, so many people forget about reading immediately they are out of the four walls of classrooms. Reading becomes perfunctory. So many people have said that since they left classrooms, they have never held a book to read. If they read, perhaps the Bible when praying. We cannot continue like this if we are serious about changing our lives. Every effort must be made to reawaken the reading habits to the benefits of all. In this lecture, I shall be looking at 20 INCREDIBLE BENEFITS OF READING: Why we should read every day. It is going to be interesting.



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