“Getting the most out of life isn’t about how much you keep for yourself, but how much you pour into others.” David A. Stoddard

The world has continued to grow more ‘self-centred’, and that partly explains the dearth of not only mentors but also of protégés. Yet, people will go faster and farther in life if they have a shoulder to stand on—someone who is willing to point them in the right direction and show them pitfalls to avoid and values to imbibe in order to accelerate their progress.

My belief is that many do not sufficiently understand mentoring. It is therefore heart-warming that there is one more book on this often-overlooked subject. In this book, Bola Adewara has displayed a good understanding of the subject as well as the peculiar mentoring challenges in our part of the world.

As one who has himself undergone different kinds of mentoring, I believe the author is eminently qualified to write on the subject. My interactions with him over the years have shown him to be a man of exemplary character, unparalleled passion and unquestionable diligence. His willingness to ease the burden of others is one of the qualities that have distinguished him. So he has not just written from his head but from his wealth of experience as a journalist, a teacher of the Word, a mentee, a mentor and, above all, from the angle of someone who truly cares.

I honestly think it is high time we went back to the lost art of mentoring at every level—family, church, community, professional, etc. And there is no better way to start than by familiarising oneself with the nitty-gritty of the subject which this book thankfully provides. It will enrich not just the knowledge of those who are willing to be mentors but also those who desire to be mentored.

The book is detailed, and the language is simple and clear. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend it.

Taiwo Odukoya
Senior Pastor, The Fountain of Life Church,
Ilupeju Lagos, Nigeria.

It is a good one, easy to read and understand. It will help leaders who are not into mentoring and the young ones who need mentors. It will be a good book for schools who have mentorship in their curriculum.
Professor Josiah Onaolapo,
ABU, Zaria, Nigeria.
Pastor Bola has done us a favour, serving inspiration and information on this agelong phenomenon to both the mentee and the mentor. As one who is a mentee under some and a mentor to many, this book has reminded me of God’s expectations, revved up my mentoring engine and brilliantly taken me up to date. I am sure you will read it more than once and even recommend to others!
Dr. Lanrewaju Adenekan (Pastor Explain This)
Victory Chapel, Shagamu, Ogun State.
“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” Paul the Apostle
Mentoring, the timeless practice of passing values, knowledge and skills for social order. In this book, Bola Adewara succinctly captures the principles of recreating a new social order in a world that is increasingly becoming dysfunctional. An invaluable resource for anyone mindful of bequeathing a legacy to future generations.
Pastor Femi Obaweya ,
Pastor in charge of Lagos Province 47
The Redeemed Christian Church of God
Discover the Secrets of Mentoring is an available tool in the hands of those who value raising others and learning from others. When you mentor others and accept to be mentored by someone, you are showing that you are a responsible Christian who has a genuine calling to serve today and prepare others to serve tomorrow. Our Churches and Christian organisations therefore need mentors to prepare others for the next generation Church.
Rev. Joseph John Hayab,
Chairman CAN Kaduna State.
Not much ink has been spilt on mentoring, at least as a subject of critical study, yet it has remained a subject of great interest and importance to the nurturing and flourishing of human development.
For this reason, finding a whole book on the subject readily serves to fill a knowledge gap and enhances a better appreciation of the subject. For proponents who see mentoring as providing the building block for societal development in a way that strictly formal education may not completely or exclusively foster, they are not far from the truth. Indeed, mentoring should be part and parcel of the moral, intellectual and ethical fabric of the society and much of the dysfunction we see around us are a direct result of the absence of a mentoring system that society should deliberately cultivate for building its capacities.
One can safely assert that mentoring is one of the greatest needs of our society today. It is against this background that the value of Bola Adewara’s book Discover the Secrets of Mentoring can be situated. Aptly titled, the book is not only a welcome addition to the existing literature on the subject, it also offers an enriching contribution to the present discussions around mentorship.
No doubt, our society is in dire need of both authentic mentors and genuine mentees or proteges, particularly in the context of the rapidly declining values and skills among the youth who now constitute a huge percentage of the population. Where real mentors are hard to find and proteges or mentees are even harder to get, the book easily becomes a treasure.
The author takes us through the meaning and ramifications of mentoring, bringing home the universal subject in a refreshingly practical way. He interrogates the dynamics of mentoring in a manner that can best be described with three attributes – lucidity, clarity and brevity. This is no less expected of a seasoned journalist, writer and public commentator of Adewara’s standing.
The author adopts and adapts authoritative commentaries to develop important principles and perspectives on mentoring, which are not only locally relevant but also globally applicable. It is impressive that the author has also succeeded in discussing a subject which is generally acknowledged as secular in origin and application with profoundly personal or spiritual flavour and function drawing scriptural references to support its Biblical basis.
Adewara’s recommendation for the institutionalization of mentoring showing a visible gap is perhaps one of the most salient qualities of the book. On the whole, this specially curated book is a priceless educational resource and an enduring contribution to an equally enduring subject of immense value for every person, whether as a mentor, protégé or both, who wishes to make an impact and fulfil God-given potential purpose for the good of our society.
Professor Adebambo Adewopo SAN


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