Dr AdeBola Adewara, editor of E-life https://www.elifeonline.netis the Principal Consultant of Livingprojects Ltd (, a Nigerian ICT firm and pro-gospel media outfit.

A widely travelled journalist, biographer, infopreneur and webmaster, he also lectures at EPIC  Theological Seminary and College, Lagos, Nigeria.

He is the author of several books, including
* Become an Internet Evangelist
* Discover the Secrets of Mentoring
* Marriage: 40 things you must know
* Message to the Ignorant Church,
* Diary of an Angry Christian.

Other books are
* Truths you won’t hear in Sunday Service Book 1
* Truths you won’t hear in Sunday Service Book 2
* Unprofitable Relationships: healing for the broken hearts
* Beyond Ignorance: answers to 50 controversial questions in Church and
* Conversation on Faith in times like this.

As a propagator of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, he founded E-life magazine, in 2005 which was the first internet gospel magazine in Africa. The magazine expanded to hard copy in 2017.

In 2021, he established Mentoring Masterclass, an online mentoring series that teach men and women on dynamics of life. Log on to his channel on Mentoring Masterclass.

This channel has introduced him to so many Churches and organizations, locally and internationally, where he has been invited to preach and mentor on truths that set men free.

Adewara is a very active internet citizen. He is the founding president of Network of African Christian Journalists NACJourn,  convener of The Lagos Christian Entrepreneur Meetup Group, consisting of about 4000 members and Lagos Web Design Meetup Group consisting of about 2000 members.

On Facebook, he founded a number of pages and groups that minister to souls around the world. He founded Nigerian Women in Ministry, Nigerian Prayer Intercessors and e-life Videos of Our Lifetime.

On Whatsapp, he also founded three groups, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER GROUP (KIPGRO), an e-life internet library where e-books are shared with members; SWEET MUSIC, a group dealing in meaningful and old music and e-life Videos, which is the Whatsapp equivalent of E-life Videos of our Lifetime.

Adewara is a well-followed writer on social media, which he regards as a mission field.


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