NEW BOOK PROJECT: Conversations on Conversion


For some people, becoming Christians came with big penalties and inexpressible tales of sorrow. While some were rejected and ejected by their families, others had to run away to escape dangerous reprisals. A lady confessed to having been tied hands and legs, to be thrown into a lagoon because she converted to Christianity.

No wonder people in this category are often more fervent in the faith, doing greater exploits than those who were born into the faith. Those born into the faith do not often treat it with the seriousness it requires.  Perhaps if they know what it takes some to become Christians, they would take the Christian faith more seriously. Salvation is free, but it costs someone His life.

Conversations on conversions to Christianity

It is within this context that E-life magazine is documenting the conversion experiences of some 30 Christians. We shall engage them in press interviews to find out their lives before conversions, how they gravitated towards the Church, challenges and pains experienced from families over conversions, people and organisations instrumental to their conversions, initial experiences in Christianity, supports and discipleship, growth in the faith, testimonies so far and invitation to others.

Having heard of your story, we invite you to be featured in the book. Your inclusion will cost you nothing other than an interview, for which we shall forward a questionnaire to guide you.

We desire to publish 5,000 copies of this book to be distributed to Churches around English Africa, seminaries and bible colleges, public and private libraries, embassies, sundry ministries and Christian organisations. This book will be a great resource for revival and evangelism. Kindly find attached an on-going list of people included in the book.

We seize this opportunity to seek partnership with friendly individuals and organisations in birthing this historic book. We are open to discussions if so willing. Our numbers are 08037195091, 08024247404. Names, organisations, logos and websites of our partners would be listed in the book.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours in His service,
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