Never before in human history has communication been so easy and so universal. With the mere click of a few buttons, we can send our messages literally and instantaneously around the globe. Now, with the advent of dozens of new platforms, we can tailor our messages to audiences that until now have been difficult or impossible to reach.
That also means that for the Church to ignore the power of social media is a sure way to remain behind in evangelism, pastoring and Church leadership in this Dark Age. Bola Adewara has done us a great service by simplifying what it takes to use social media as one of our greatest tools in the spread of the gospel. His book is easy to read, yet urges us to jump in and make use of tools that we can only ignore at our peril.
Dr. Gary S. Maxey,
Founder, West African Theological Seminary, Lagos Nigeria.
Become an Internet Evangelist written by Bola Adewara is timely and apt, given the state of great ignorance and lack of understanding of the profitable and effective use of the Internet, especially by Christians and Churches. The author wrote from the massive wealth of his personal experience in this field. No one to my knowledge in Nigeria could have been the most suited author of this ground-breaking book than Adewara. As a seasoned journalist and a committed Christian, he raised himself from the boot-traps to such an enviable and elevated position, even above his peers in the field, to have become a mighty pastor, evangelist, counsellor, programmer and advocate for this cause. I love this book because the author wrote with deep passion and zeal for Christian influence and impact on the Internet. Thanks, Bola, for allaying the fears of the clergies and Churches in their reluctance to use the Internet to the glory and praise of the Lord. This ground-breaking book is a primer for novices and a well-packaged kit for training in the arts of Christian use of the internet. The author outlined and gave a step-by-step methodology of how a Christian can profitably and effectively use the Internet. This book should be a must-read for every Christian and every Church in this modern age of advance science and technology and advanced systems of communications and transportation. “Don’t be left behind.
Dr Yusufu Turaki, Professor of Theology and Social Ethics,
Director, Centre for the Study of Religion, Church and Society,
ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Nigeria.
During Apostle Paul’s ministry, there was no Internet, no Facebook, no WhatsApp or any form of social media. But Paul chose the tedious medium of writing letters to Churches and individuals that he met and preached to. He used his writings to encourage them to keep the faith. But an Internet evangelist can keep touch with everyone on earth. What excuse do believers of this generation then have with the Internet at our beck and call? Become an Internet Evangelist is a godly call for us to be His true witnesses. I, therefore, encourage every true lover of Christ to read this book.
Rev John Joseph Hayab,
Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Kaduna State Chapter.
The Internet has become an integral part of society. On the Internet, you find the good, the bad and the ugly. Whereas many Christians see the Internet in a negative light, Bola, in Becoming an Internet Evangelist sees it as God’s gift to the Church to reach the world with the gospel of salvation and peace. After all, truth is God’s truth.  I recommend this invaluable material to all serious-minded Christians who are concerned with the Kingdom’s business of harvesting precious souls for Christ.
Rev Yunusa S. Nmadu Jnr, FIPS
Secretary-General, Evangelical Church for Winning All (ECWA) Nigeria.
The book Become an Internet Evangelist is a product of Bola Adewara’s love for getting the kingdom message across to the teeming world through the Internet. He wants to get the Church to every nook and cranny of the world. Jesus instructed us to go into all the world preaching, teaching and making disciples. Therefore, one of the fastest and effective ways to do this is what the author has put down in the book.  Grab a copy. It is a manual for carrying out the Great Commission. It is a must-read for you.
Bishop Sola Ore,
President, Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter. Nigeria.
This brilliant book is bigger than its title and is inspired from above. Wise ministers will use it as a guide to transfer proven truths to the new generations as we gear up for the challenges of the end times and last days.
Apostle Ladi Thompson,
Senior Pastor Living Waters Unlimited Church,  Anthony, Lagos, Nigeria.
This book is a great blessing to the body of Christ because it reveals practical and effective ways of exploring the power of Information and Communication Technology to bring the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ closer to the people, especially the unChurched. The world of the Internet is so large but accessible to all. Therefore read the book, follow the insights expressed and become a better and effective evangelist in this digital age. God bless the soul behind this great work.
Prophet A.T. Williams,
General Overseer, God of Glory Christian Church, Lagos Nigeria.
Do you want to effectively utilize Social Media for God’s glory? Will you like to turn your Ministry website into an impactful tool of spreading the gospel and making disciples for Christ? Do you want to take your ministry to the global stage? Will you like to touch people of other races and have access to a potentially unlimited international harvest field-all at a shockingly minimal cost? Then, read Become an Internet Evangelist. It will take you on a journey into the new big thing happening on our planet at the moment. Thank you Bola Adewara, for opening our eyes to the unbelievable potentials that abound for ministry via the Internet. Generations will be equipped and our world transformed through this revolutionary book.
Pastor Yinka Ojo,
Senior Pastor, Grace Family Church, Lagos Nigeria.
I have read through this timely, succinct, informative and much-needed book and can safely recommend it to every Christian leader, pastor, and minister. It will enrich and expand your horizon and ministry if carefully followed and implemented. I have benefitted immensely from the Internet forays of the author for many years now and can attest to its veracity.
Dr. Francis Akin-John,
President, Church Growth Africa.
Waoh! This is a very informative and educative piece that every Christian and ministers of the gospel should read. The market place for this 21st Century evangelism is the Internet. This book has shown us all the tools that are available for our use. It is an eye-opener!
Bishop Bada Funso,
Provost, EPIC Seminary and Theological College, Lagos Nigeria.
For the end-time harvest, I recommend this book for Church leaders, the congregation, businessmen and women, and many who are seeking one solution or the other that only Jesus can fill. This book is for Christians having global mindsets.
Rev Yakubu Pam,
Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria, Northern Nigeria.
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