TESTIMONIALS: RELATIONSHIP: Healing for the broken hearts … 50 Questions and Answers

Though a lot of marriages are troubled today, the situation is not a “Black market” where people buy items they cannot examine before purchasing. However, the buyer will have to accept and use the already bought item the way it is. There is always a way out of every troubled marriage if the individual or couple concerned seeks God who does great and marvellous things including resolving conflicts in marriages.  No one can see God physically, but He can be seen through wise, godly counsels given by His servants. That is exactly what this book is about. These godly counsels are like rain to the thirsty land which comforts those mourning. I hereby recommend the book to as many as can lay their hands on it.  You do not need to grope in the dark anymore if you are having challenges in your marriage.  There is safety in godly counsels. This book is a great package of such counsels. It is a guide for now and a compass for the future. It is a Blessing!
Rev Janet Onaolapo,
Genera Overseer, Abundant Life Gospel Church, Nigeria.

Going through the manuscript was thoroughly exhilarating. With a great ensemble of life stories that touch the heart and great counsels that can bring healing and peace, I can confidently call this book a masterpiece.
Some experiences are bound to occur in your life as you take steps to be joined to another person. When you read this book, you will have an idea of how to navigate your life and relationship so as not to go through some of the experiences mentioned. After all, it is better to learn from other’s examples than from personal experiences.
I, therefore, recommend this masterpiece for everyone: old couples, young couples, engaged, yet to be engaged and even those who are not ready to enter into the marriage institution. I assure you, it is going to be a great read.
Rev. (Mrs) Oyeladun O. Ayorinde,

The rate of divorce and separation in society today is very alarming and much more alarming are the flimsy reasons for the divorce. It has become a source of concern for Christian leaders and others who understand the mind of God for marriage. In this book, Pastor Bola Adewara has delved into the root of  Marital issues  He has been able to shed light on the fact that marriage is Man’s ordained responsibility.
Through the wise counsels given to each issue, he has been able to, in simple terms, explain the fact that christian marriage is a heterosexual and monogamous union that involves the loving, lifelong commitment of each to the other and that it not be entered into unadvisedly, but should be entered into by a public leaving of parents and should be consummated in an exclusive sexual union. The author has also postulated that a man is the leader of his home and as such, the man must live by higher standards than his wife. Leadership is a journey and not a destination. A common problem identified in the different marriages and relationships in the book is incompatibility and lack of understanding of what marriage entails.
His valuable counsel and proffered solutions to these marital issues are priceless. They are easily relatable and down to earth. He has advised that when two people with different gifts decide to love one another and listen to one another, their differences can become a source of strength rather than a source of weakness. Married people are also enlightened to know that in marriage, it takes two to make it work!
This book is highly recommended for everybody- married, single, those in courtship, marriage counsellors and every other person who desires more knowledge in the affairs of Marriage.
Rev. Mrs. Adetutu Coker,
The King’s Chamber, Lagos Nigeria.


This book demystifies the uncertainty about what couples should expect in marriage with the real-life stories and experiences can learn from and take necessary precautions. Although most of the stories shared are unpleasant experiences, the book offers useful insights on possible realities couples, especially women should brace up for and know how to handle such situations if they arise.
The stories along with the well-articulated counsel for each case make the book an invaluable pre-marriage and after marriage resource for both singles and the married. I fully recommend the book for all who desire happy married life.
Lekan Otufodunrin,
Executive Director, Media Career Development Network (MCDN) Nigeria.


I understand that asking the right questions and from the right person is one of the best ways to learn. Marriage around the world is having serious issues. People have many questions but there are not many people who can proffer the answers that will help. This book by Bola Adewara is a timely effort to answer people questions in a very practical, easy to use, blunt and even a times brutal yet humorous ways. Reading it looks like reading many marriage books at the same time or visiting a counsellor or a marriage therapist.
As an author of many books on marriage and family life myself, I know when a marriage book is good. This is one of them. I dare you to read it to the end.
Bisi Adewale,
Familybooster Ministry international, Lagos Nigeria.


Bola Adewara’s RELATIONSHIP: Healing the broken hearted 50 Questions and Answers is a collection of different marriage experiences. It is a mirror that showcases issues of infidelity, economic strangulation, bareness and all sorts of marital challenges with an attendant pill of counsel for each of the issues raised.
Reading through the book gives you an overview of what it looks like to have a challenged marriage. The counsel given to each experience is the utility end of the book. So, the author is not just presenting a problem, he is also presenting a solution. You can’t be bored reading through this collection. The book will make you cry, laugh and reflect. It is a practical guide for every married person who desires a good home. The book is not just another addition to books on marriage, rather it is an exquisite addition that not only informs but also empathises with the reader.
Gbenga Osinaike,
Publisher, Church Times Nigeria


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