After I graduated from Bible School, so many things about Christianity became more apparent to me. I was able to see Christianity and its practices in a better light. Details of being a pastor, Church leader, and Church member and what it means to be a Christian became clearer. I was able to see why certain things happen in the Church and to Church members, and I was able to decipher what people can do in response to these issues within the limits of the Bible. These details might not be apparent to many who treat Christianity as a Sunday-Sunday medicine.

Unfortunately, many old Christians and Church leaders have come to place less emphasis on Weekly Bible study programmes, just as they despise seminaries and Bible schools. In utter disdain, some of them said attending Bible schools is not a precondition for salvation, and seminary education has nothing to do with the anointing.

Dr. Bola Adewara, Editor, E-life, Lagos Nigeria.

True! No one is required to tender a seminary certificate at the gates of heaven neither does it add to the level of anointing. But we should not forget that the anointing could take you up the ladder of ministry, but you require more than the anointing to remain there. There are so many extras that the current Church leaders have left out, which are responsible for the poor image of the current Church.

It is within this matrix that I was able to put down these extras that so many Churches do not bother to know or teach their members, especially the young Christians who are becoming victims of poor leadership. These would be useful to the young Christians, so they could be guided away from the pits their forebears have fallen.

In this book, I have been as biblical as the Lord has given me grace. I have also drawn from the saintly experiences of some Church leaders whom we have ample shreds of evidence of God’s calling upon their lives. I have unapologetically been blunt with the truth of the gospel. The time is now for all sons to be unapologetic about the fact.

Excellent job, dear Pastor Bola.
Simply put, this is a useful x-ray of the state of the global Church in today’s world and the way forward – especially in our clime.
Quite informative, intriguing and generally humorous.
Tope Olukoyede,
His Purpose Church, Lagos.
We live in a world that is full of knowledge. Knowledge is power for those persons and nations that have them. It is, therefore not surprising that serious-minded persons and nations pursue and invest heavily in the acquisition of knowledge.
Painfully as it seems, the average Christian is often seen pursuing every and other forms of knowledge but would hardly devote the same passion and resources to the pursuit of spiritual knowledge. Nobody’s spiritual life would be higher than their spiritual knowledge.
To help not just the young believer but all believers alike, the author Bola Adewara has painstakingly put together in an easy-to-read categorised manner, knowledge to help the believer in his walk with God. The book is educative, instructive, compelling and edifying. It is a compendium of the things we believe and ought to know as Christians. Generations coming behind will have God to thank for the grace and ability given to Bola Adewara to help one these down for posterity.
Thank you, man, of God, for this great effort.
Rev. Toyin Kehinde,
Senior Pastor, Agape Generation International Church,
Maryland, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Even the world knows what a Christian should look like; even a child has a pretty good idea of how a Christian should act. We all have a God-given, built-in standard of right and wrong, and we know a Christian should do what is right. A Christian tends to be kinder, gentler, loving and more forgiving than the world when evaluating someone’s actions. The world can be quite harsh in its assessment and judgment of the Christian.
I recommend this book for every believer that needs to know or teach the truth and everyone that needs to be free from flesh and become a spiritual Christian. I commend this book and Apostle Bola Adewara to the hands of God, whose power never fails to do more significant works in Jesus name!
Bishop Bola Odeleke
Presiding Bishop of CMM/Power Pentecostal Church International
Pastor Bola Adewara has written a simple but profound book for every sincere believer or Christian that wants to make a success of their Christian life. The book “Truths you won’t hear on Sunday Service” will not only teach young believers but Pastors as well on what specific steps they need to take in order to create the life that they want to live in Christ while being happy and grateful in the process. It opens your eyes to the deep truths that have been misconstrued by many while playing Church. This great book calls every Christian to action and can be used as a delightful guide for Transformational Discipleship trainings or classes. I am grateful to God for the book “Truths you won’t hear on Sunday Service” which I was honoured to edit. It is a good read that will impact generations to come and I highly recommend it.
Rev. (Dr) Peace Goodey, General Overseer,
Christ Believers Healing Ministry, Lagos, Nigeria.
Bola Adewara has made an excellent attempt at re-establishing the foundations of Christianity. The Bible says if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? Psalm 11: 3. This book will help people be Christians and stop following religion. This book is a must-read for every Christian and not just young ones. Put aside your doctrines and enjoy this wonderful book.
Archbishop Yimam Orkwar,
Former Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (Benue State)
National President, Christian Association of Clergies in Nigeria (CAC-NIG)
This book has provided the much-awaited foundational information that has been systematically erased from the curriculum of many modern-day Christians. I am excited that God has inspired the writer to document for posterity guidelines that will give hope to the Church of the future.
Rev. Olabode Orekoya,
Senior Pastor, Christ Image Assembly,
Lagos Nigeria.
The book, described as a “handbook for my young Christian”, highlights in detail the Christian faith, the Church, Church organisation, functions and the role of members, and the building blocks in the Church setting. The style is breviloquent, clear concise and riveting as befits a handbook.
I highly recommend the reading of this book, an offering of the Author to the Church. The Author has been a Journalist for thirty-five years, a Counsellor for over fifteen years and a Minister of the Gospel for over ten years. He has other publications.
Prof. John O. Akingbala,
Trinidad and Tobago
  The book is a manual for young Christians. But it goes beyond proffering counsel to young Christians to clarifying essential issues of the Christian faith. These issues include the need for a sound relationship with Jesus Christ, discipleship, Holy Spirit baptism, and a proper understanding and participation in the Holy Communion. The author warns against deifying men of God and the deception of defending God. The young Christian is encouraged to prioritize mission and soul-winning as the prime purpose for being saved. The Christian is also counselled to prioritize obedience, through which God bestows the blessings that even fasting may not give. I commend Bola Adewara for this great gift to the body of Christ and recommend the book to everyone that names the name of Christ.
Rev’d Dogara R. Gwana,
NIPSS, Kuru Jos Plateau State.
Truths you won’t hear on Sunday Service is a compendium of the realities of the Christian faith, especially for a new believer. The book adequately deals with various issues contending with the gracious walk of believers in a riotous world where the depth and relevance of the Christian tradition are subjected to questioning.

Having received salvation, the Bible says we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling, Phil 2:12. How do you do that when you are unsure of the expectations as a child of God. Bola Adewara has put together answers to questions agitating the minds of young believers who are confused about “The Church” or have the desire for exploits in the body of Christ, making the book a companion for ‘quick checks’. From start to finish, my spirit connects with the insights and revelations in the book.
My Friend, Pastor Bola Adewara, more grace, abundant grace to you in His vineyard. Happy reading.
Fola-Bola Tijani,
LTV, Lagos Nigeria.




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